Video Accessory: Circuit City 3 Piece Professional Filter Kit

Item Circuit City 3 Piece Professional Filter Kit
Description 77mm
Includes: Ultra Violet (UV), Circular Polarizer (CPL)
Neutral Density (ND4), Filter wallet

3 Piece Professional Filter Kit
Absorbs the UV rays from the sun and gives a sharper contrast and vivid picture. Serves as a permanent lens protector against Scratches [sic], dust, moisture and fingerprints.

Filters out polarizer light, dramatically reducing reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water, glass, etc. Enables colors to appear clearer with increased contrast.

Used to control the depth of field and illustrate the movement of Waterfalls [sic], rivers, clouds and cars more easily by slowing your exposure time and increasing the aperture (by two stops of light).
ISBN / Bar Code number 8 16129 02015 3
Item Contents Three (3) lens filters: Ultra Violet (UV), Circular Polarizer (CPL), Neutral Density (ND4) with Filter wallet
Language(s) English
Item Release October 23, 2017 (????)
Item Specification Camera/Photo Accessories
Brand / Company Circuit City
Product / Item Number CC3PC77MM
Copyright © 2017 Circuit City®. All rights reserved.
Circuit City® is a registered trademark.
Other Made In China.

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Circuit City 3 Piece Professional filter Kit

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Video Accessory Review (Posted on 07-21-2018)

When it comes to shooting great video, we often take "cheap" accessories for granted. It's easy to say because they' Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's bad, and accessories like lens filters could play a big role for your video.

Being that this brand is from a company that couldn't compete with other consumer tech stores, it's nice to see them back in the hunt. And what better way to review a product by them?

Although it's easy to write about how each filter holds up, we went as far as to shoot some sample video demonstrating each lens in action.

While the test for the UV filter may cause a bit of a stir, due to the shifting sunlight being partially blocked by the clouds, it still does the job. It does protect your lens but you do see a very slight difference with the filter as opposed to without. The other two filters worked flawlessly and make a huge difference for your video.

If you're just a one-man crew, and/or have a bag full of different lenses, these make a great addition to your camera equipment. If you shoot with a full-on matte box with a follow focus knob, I likely would recommend getting yourself glass filters for the matte box (something we will review here in the future). Whether it's video or photo, these lenses can dramatically change and help your shots, making the colors pop. This ought to make color correction a breeze per post production.

These are solid and hold up well. We truly recommend them!

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