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Item AJA Video Systems Pak Dock
Description Because it matters.®

High-speed Pak Media Reader


• Simple interface connects Pak Media to your computer.
• Thunderbolt™ and USB 3.0 ensures fast transfers.
• Sturdy construction provides long-term reliability.
• Reinforced drive connection for increased durability.


External dock for Pak Media mounting.

Connect Pak Storage Media to your Mac or Windows system easily with AJA's Pak Dock. Mounted Pak Media appear within your computer file manager like any other removable media. Pak Dock utilizes the Thunderbolt™ or USB 3.0 connection on your computer to enable high-speed file transfers.

Transfer files to or from Pak Media at ultra-fast speeds with Thunderbolt™ and USB 3.0 connectivity.

Pak Dock's sturdy construction and reinforced connections ensure your valuable media is transferred safely.

Pak Dock provides a simple easy-to-access connection point between your computer and Pak Media storage.
ISBN / Bar Code number K0199063
Tech Specs • High-speed Thunderbolt™ and USB 3.0 connections
• Reinforced Pak Media connection
• Supports all Pak Media capacities
• 12V DC power (power adapter included)
Language(s) English
Item Release 2015 (????)
Item Specification Professional Accessories
Brand / Company AJA Video Systems
Product / Item Number 10458100C / ICES-003 Class B / NMB-003 Class B (????)
Copyright ????
Other AJA Video Systems, Inc.
Grass Valley, California

Made in the USA.

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AJA Video Systems Pak Dock

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Video Accessory Review (Posted on 03-23-2019)

It feels wonderful to do business with a company that stands behind their products—ones that deliver as advertised and as promised, even moreso to ensure an easier transition in getting the job done from A to B. We can't help but talk about this Pak Dock from a great company AJA Video Systems. It just keeps getting better and better.

The contents of the package comes with the Pak Media Dock and the AC adapter (12VDC). As far as we know, it does not come with USB nor does it come with Thunderbolt™ cables (at least ours didn't). Much like the Pak Media itself, the Dock feels smooth yet solid enough to stay put on a desk or tabletop without sliding off wrecklessly. It is built like a tank, able to withstand some dings here and there; Not to mention, this product was made here in the USA. When plugging the Pak Media into the Dock, you can hear the friction of both metal surfaces grinding against each other, knowing that the products you're using don't mess around ("tough enough," we would describe it). Reason being is that there are times when the offloading media operator/editor is pressed on Time and needs to transfer the media off the card and to the computer, thus even when being too aggressive or careless, this product can handle it just fine. AJA really thought ahead with this one.

As for compatibility, this Dock connects either with USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt™. The time our production company SHOWSOTROS Productions was founded became the time when FireWire secured as the top dog in fastest file transfers. Times have changed dramatically, with the huge improvement of USB and Apple®'s small but powerful Thunderbolt™ connection. Because our network made the decision to switch back to the Windows platform, due to cost-friendly solutions, we use the humble but just-as-fast USB 3.0. Since most of AJA's products cater to the users of Macintosh, some third-party plug-ins and software is required to read and modify media that's formatted in HFS+. Personally, we recommend Catacombae if you're editing on a Windows platform. While there may be other options, we also tested Paragon's software, but unfortunately, has caused problems. Here's an online thread discussing the wonky software which has caused corrupted drives for others:

Microsoft thread about Paragon
(Click image to read the full thread.)

This, too, has caused a near-rupture of our drive, namely, our Pak Media. With that being said, others may be a better option; Don't consider and install HFS+ software from Paragon.

Besides that, this Dock is the perfect compliment to your Pak Media. The connections and the offloading of the clips are painless, and the build material of this Dock clearly can withstand even the impatient editor whose rush job assignment can be done and be met on deadline.

We cannot say enough good things about AJA's products. It does the job and fulfills needs, especially ours and hopefully yours too.

Complain less, go for AJA!

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